Richard's Notes On The Journey


It's been a year of woodshedding as I work on my singing with a top Hollywood vocal coach who's on "The Voice" and did "American Idol" for 11 years.  I'm improving each day and gaining mastery of my instrument.  I want to give the best vocal performance I can to complete my upcoming 3-song EP, so I've been patient with the timeframe for completion.  I promise it's going to be worth it!!!

NAMM Show 

I'm preparing to attend all 4 days of the NAMM show in Anaheim this weekend.  It's an industry-only convention for musical instrument manufacturers to display their latest products.  There are workshops, concerts, movie screenings, celebrity signings and parties to attend.  It's an excellent opportunity for networking and I always have an amazing experience.  I've already made a schedule of "must-see" events, and part of the fun is discovering new happenings.  The key is being open and available for the unexpected.  I'm really excited about what's in store this year!

New Vocal Coach 

I had my first lesson with a top vocal coach who worked on "American Idol" for 11 seasons and is currently on 'The Voice".  It was an amazing session and I was given lots of new ideas on how to present myself.  I'm going to sit with it and see if it feels right.  I'll also ask my close friends what they think of the approach since they know me best.  It could be a game-changer.  I learned some valuable breathing techniques and am more consciously aware of how to maintain good singing practices.  Not only was it a technical lesson, but it was a spiritual one as well.  I'm looking forward to my next appointment this weekend.  I'm feeling really good about it!

One Year Anniversary 

It's the one year anniversity of creating this website and releasing "Anything More Than Love", my Christmas song and video.  I've been busy promoting the song this season and performing it live.  Each day I learn something new and alter my approach to incorporate the lessons.  It's a process of trying different things and not being afraid to fail.  I keep reminding myself, if I want different results, I must embrace a different way of thinking.  It's empowering, even though sometimes uncomfortable.  That's when I know good work is being done.

Taxi Road Rally 

I'm attending the Taxi Road Rally this weekend.  It's one of the best music conferences because of the classes on songwriting and the quality of instructors.  It's fun watching the song pitches to music supervisors and learning what they looking for regarding song placements.  There's always great networking opportunities and I enjoy being part of the creative community, telling our stories and sharing our experiences.  I was so inspired last year and expect the same this weekend.  See you there!

SESAC Songwriter's Bootcamp 

I'm so excited to attend SESAC's 6th Annual Songwriter's Bootcamp this Friday.  It's a great opportunity to meet with Publishers and Music Supervisors.  I love the networking opportunites and educational aspects too.  It's my first time attending this event, but I know it will be a blast!

New Song Debut 

I went to Kulak's Woodshed last night and got to debut my new "4th Of July" song, even though I got a late spot.  My performance was rough, but it felt good to to put it out there.  I'm going to practice this week so I can do it again on Monday.  This was my first time performing a song live after writing it a few days earlier.  You always learn by stepping out of your comfort zone.

4th of July Song 

I wrote a new song this week inspired by the 4th of July to honor those who gave in service for our independence.  The song would also be great for Memorial Day.  I'm quite excited about it, and will go down to Kulak's Woodshed on Monday night to perform the song at Open Mic.  I'll be practicing this weekend for its unveiling!

NARM Conference Recap 

I had a great time at the NARM Conference last week.  I attended panels on YouTube Development Strategies, Live Broadcasting on the Web, Exploring Fan Experiences as a Revenue Stream, Web Site Building, Music Merchandising, using Metadata to code your Music File, Monetizing Music with Marketing and Data, Mobile Opportunites and Disscoverability in the Digital Age.  One highlight was meeting the Founder of Pledge Music, Benji Rogers, and attending his presentation on Selling To Fans vs Selling To Consumers.  I intend to work with his company in the future.  There were many fantastically successful panelists and I learned so much that will be applied to my goals and career strategies.  I also got to meet Tom Jones and Natalie Cole at the Awards Dinner.  A big thanks goes to Tess Taylor at NARIP who provided the opportunity for me to attend as her guest.  I'm looking forward to attending next year!

Attending NARM Conference 

Thanks to my good friends at NARIP (National Association of Recording Industry Professionals), I will be attending the NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) convention in Century City next week.  How is that for the use of acronyms?  I've been networking intensely over the past few months, and this is another great opportunity to meet people who share the love of music.  I hope to see you there!