About Me

Richard Honig is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who has been called the "Mister Rogers of Spiritual Pop".  Richard takes heart-centered spiritual concepts and principles and puts them into a Pop music format that appeals to all ages.  He simplifies complex mystical teachings into the practical so you can use them in everyday life.  Richard's music is meant to uplift, transform, inspire and empower you to be your best unique self.  It is totally positive and life-affirming.

Richard Honig grew up in New York and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1990's to be closer to the entertainment industry.  In New York, Richard led and performed his original music in an alternative-pop band as the rhythm guitar player and chief songwriter.  When he relocated to Los Angeles, Richard took vocal lessons and started performing his songs as a solo artist at coffeehouses and acoustic-oriented venues that were singer-songwriter friendly.

Mr Honig always wanted to say something meaningful with his music, and subsequently discovered his true writing voice on the spiritual path 17 years ago.  When asked to present a class project for a teaching he was studying, Richard wrote a song that summarized his accompanying shift in consciousness.  He was stunned to find the entire class singing along to the chorus while hearing the song for the first time.  The light went on inside his head as Richard realized this was to become his life's work.  From these classes, he was given the opportunity to work with a children's choir, and learned quickly he could write with a simplicity and directness that was easily understood and embraced by all ages.

In 2007, Richard left his job of 11 years as a Production Accountant at Walt Disney Television Animation to follow this creative passion full-time.  He is looking to build community around his music and connect with people who share similar ideals.

In 2012, Richard Honig released "Anything More Than Love", a Christmas song and video about the greatest gifts of the holiday season.  They are the people in our lives who truly make a difference rather than the commercial aspects.

Richard is currently recording a 3-song EP with Stephen Bray, whose past successes include producing and writing with Madonna and "The Color Purple" theatrical musical.  He plans to release these songs in May 2018 with videos to follow.  These songs are the start of a full-length album soon to be in production.

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